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We are waiting for you!

These are just few difficulties facing the member of Nature Heritage Fund. Pathfinder has not an easy way - but often it brings unexpected rewards.
G. Enins, studies of Daugeni labyrinth

Nature Heritage Fund expects active people who are willing to participate in studies of Latvian nature and culture monuments. For many current members this is untraditional way for spending their weekends both in intelligent way and in fresh air outside the city. But it is possible to make this activity more efficient with the following support:

- information - any information about the monuments which comply with the criteria set for monuments in this Webpage or any other facts about nature and history which seem unusual and interesting for you;

- gifts - old postcards, books, drawings, maps and schemes, interesting findings etc. You can just allow us to take pictures or scan your materials;

- active participation in expeditions. We would be especially glad if you could join with one more vehicle to our small caravan of cars heading to different directions in Latvia;;

- integrated participation in the development of Nature Heritage Fund, including development of newp rojects and attractiong of financing for those projects. Each organisation has wide possibilities for development and we certainly are one of such organisations.

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