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Brodi quarry boulder

Picture - A. Opmanis, February 1996

Coordinates: N 56°28'46,8" E 25°51'50,0"

Location: Jekabpils district, Jekabpils, island in the northern part of Brodi dolostone quarry lake;

Description: Located in the site of former dolostone quarry which is flooded now, on top underwater hill. Initially this boulder was hidden under the layer of soil and moraine. Length - 6,1 m, width 6,0 m, height 4,6 m (above the water 3,1 m), circumference 19,0 m, volume 104 m³.

Measured by the member of Nature Heritage Fund. Currently the second largest boulder in Latvia by volume.

Stone at the time when quarry was active. 1970ies

August 1999
Picture: Gatis Pavils

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