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Krimulda Devil's cave

Picture by G. Enins

View from the opposite bank of Gauja River
Picture by G. Pavils, September 2003

Coordinates: N 57°09'01,5" E 24°48'42,9"

Location: Riga district, Sigulda, right bank of Gauja River, in cliffs above the river, lower part of Pikene precipice;

Description: Outstanding geomorphological and culture monument.
Entrance in the cave is located 8 m above the level of Gauja River, in vertical cliff. It is not available for tourists now. Some decades ago there was leading built passageway to the cave but the visitors endangered the ceiling of the cave (only 1 m thick) when accessing it. Thus the passage was removed and in 1980 there was constructed new suspension bridge over Gauja nearby.
The cave was 10,7 m long until 1992, the height of ceiling was 2,5 m, maximum width - 5,1 m, floor area 45 m2, volume - 70 m3.
Sectary organisation “Balta braliba” (White fellowship) organised unauthorised excavations in this cave in 1993 - they were searching the “hidden temple” here. After their actions the cave is 35 m long now, floor area - 140 m2 (Measured by Ansis Opmanis). Those excavations did not reach the original floor of the cave.
Cave has been formed some 10 000 years ago as a result of interaction of Gauja River and a spring which has dessicated now. Intense formation of this cave has ended some 5 000 years ago. Then the cave was much larger than now.
Site of ancient paganic cult. There still exist six holes in the ceiling of the cave, which are up to 2 m deep, diameter - 10 - 15 cm. Those holes are called - “Devil's chimneys”.

Picture by G. Enins.

Picture by G. Enins.

View from the opposite bank of Gauja river.
Picture by G. Pavils, August 1999


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