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Velna Ceplis (Devil's Kiln, Liepas Ellite)

Picture by G. Pavils, May 2002

Picture by G. Pavils, May 2002

Coordinates: N 57°23'03,2" E 25°25'39,1"

Location: Cesis district, Liepa municipality, Liepa village, northern slope of Liepa hill, 150 m NW from the Liepa municipality building;

Description: Unusual geomorphological and culture monument. It consists of cave (lenth - 23 m), powerful spring, several arches and cliff.
These are the only sandstone archs in Latvia after the collapse of Sietiniezis arch. In total here are three arches. Those arches represent a part of the former cave which has been connected with the present day cave.
Cave together with the spring are important archaeological monuments - ancient cult site. Unfortunately the former respect to this site has vanished and substituted by vandalism. It continues even today.
Here was mined sand - this continued until 1920ies. Before those mining activities this monument resembled large organ with numerous pipes of sand.

Drawing by A. Opmanis

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