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Barbele Sacred spring

Sulphur coated leaves at the bottom of the spring.

Picture by G. Pavils, August 2003

Coordinates: N 56°26'07,2" E 24°35'29,7"

Location: Bauska district, Barbele municipality, 2 km S from Barbele, Dreijas courtyard, 50 m from the right bank of Iecava River;

Description: This powerful spring has got unique hydrochemical composition - this is sulphuric spring with low degree of mineralisation (Ca and Na sulphates). Content of H2S - 0,8 - 2,2 mg/l. The hollow at the site of emission of the spring is 2 m deep. Small stream goes from this site to nearby Iecava river.
This spring has been first mentioned in 1739. Here operated the oldest sulphuric bath in Latvia - from 1739 to 1940. Spring became renowned in metropolis - Riga - in 1739. Physician of Riga garrison brought 10 ill soldiers here for treatment then. It took whole day to let the spring free of old rags left here by other patients as sacrifice earlier. But after cleaning the spring soldiers were rewarded. 9 out of 10 soldiers became healthy, the one who didn't had a broken leg. During the 18th century Barbele spring was the most renowned health spring in the area until Baldone and later - Kemeri - owershadowed the fame of Barbele spring. Unfortunately the chemical composition of the spring changed too - over the 19th century the degree of mineralisation decreased. Since the World War II there are no more health care activities on-going around this spring. Still this monument is highly recommended destination for curious tourist.

Picture by G. Pavils, August 2003


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