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Vella skabuma kerne

Coordinates: N 57°52'12,2" E 25°00'29,3"

Location: Valmiera district, Mazsalaca municipality, right bank of Salaca River, between Vella pagrabs (Devil' s Cellar) and upper part of Sunu (Nelku) cliffs;

Description: Powerful spring, froming group of unique geological and archaeological monuments together with Devil's Cellar. There are legends about this spring, water from it still is considered to be with healing properties. Old and important destination of local tourism.
Members of nature Rarities Fund discovered that the spring is coming from 18 m long and 1 m wide cave in 1992. In the middle part of this cave there is small branch where one can stand up in full height. There has been found charcoal in this branch - this proves once again that this cave has been conected with the higher located Devil's Cellar some time ago.

The entrance in the cave has been flooded by Salaca River.
Picture by G. Pavils, 10 April 2004

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