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Kemeri walnut

Picture by A. Opmanis, September 2005

Picture by A. Opmanis, December 1999

Coordinates: N 56°56'54,8" E 23°29'49,0"

Location: Jurmala, park of Kemeri resort, 120m SW from sanatorium.

Girth: at the height of 0,6 m - 3,82 m
Height: 18,5 m
Projection of the crown: 500 m2
Length of branches: up to 19,2 m

Description: One of the largest walnuts in Latvia and largest Manchurian walnut (Juglans mandshurica) in Latvia.
Tree is very attractive due to branches - they are going paralell to soil, each in different height. In easter side the lowest branch 9 m from the trunk has rooted in soil.

Picture by A. Opmanis, February 2000

Picture by A. Pundurs, September 2005

Picture by A. Pundurs, September 2005

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