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Sauta Hill spruce

Picture by G. Enins, June 1997

Picture by M. Zeltins

Picture by G. Enins, June 1997

Coordinates: N 57°11'35,0" E 24°53'55,7"

Location: Riga district, Sigulda municipality, at the foot of Sauta hill (steep Gauja valley escarpment) below Sauta Hill cliffs.

Girth: 3,04 m
Height: 45,3 m
Projection of the crown: 45 m2
Length of branches: up to 4,4 m

Description: Exceptionally tall Norway spruce (Picea abies). In 1971 the spruce was found by Guntis Enins - back then the girth of spruce was 2,90 and it was considered to be the thickest in Latvia. After 26 years during an expedition lead by Guntis Enins there was determined the height of the spruce. This was done by ascending the tree and measuring it with measuring tape. In order to get the sunshine spruce has rised above Sauta Hill. It is the tallest spruce and tallest tree known in Latvia.

Picture by G. Enins

Picture by G. Enins, June 1997

Picture by G. Enins, 1998

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