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Kaive oak

Picture by M. Zeltins, May 2004

Picture by A. Opmanis, September 1998

Picture by M. Zeltins, May 2004

Coordinates: N 57°03'51,5" E 23°01'31,9"

Location: Tukums district, Seme municipality, 500m NW from Kaive manor house, 120m SE from Senci, meadow among gardens. At the roadside there is car parking and informative sign about this tree.

Girth: 10,2 m
Height: 18,0 m
Projection of the crown: 250 m²
Length of branches: up to 13,7 m

Description: Thickest oak in Latvia.

Picture by G. Enins, 1970ies


Picture by J. Vitols, April 2003

Picture by A. Pundurs, September 2005

Picture by M. Zeltins, May 2004

Stamp with the image of Kaive oak.

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