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Outstanding trees in Latvia

Outstanding trees in the western part Outstanding trees in the central part Outstanding trees in South-East Outstanding trees in North-East

Information about the noble trees is collected in Latvia since 1920ies. First book about the noble trees was issued in Latvia in 1974 - then there were listed 626 large and unusual trees. Since then the search of noble trees in Latvia became popular pastime. Now the density of known noble trees in Latvia approximately 200 times exceeds the density of known noble trees in neighbouring countries. Exact number of noble trees is not known due to the large number of people having information - but it should exceed 10 000.

Noble lime is measured according to rules.
Photo - G. Enins, summer 2005

Measuring the trees

What are criteria of noble tree in Latvia? Since 1970ies the decisive parameter is girth. It is measured in the narrowest part of the trunk between the soil and 1,3 m height. Most often this is 1,3 m height, although sometimes narower part is located lover. 1,3 m are measured from the hillside. Measuring tape should be located athwart the axis of trunk.

Other important parameters to be measured include:

a) height of massive trunk before it divides in smaller branches;
b) total height of tree;
c) projection of crown in m2;
d) length of branches, and others

Investigators try to meet local people in order to find out more about the tree. Many times there are interesting stories and legends connected with noble trees.

Current criterions for noble trees in Latvia can be seen in this list.

Record-holders of Latvia

This table contains contemporary data of different categories. New discoveries may change this table at any moment.

Name Species Girth (m) Height (m) Record
Kaive oak Quercus robur 10,2 18,0 Thickest tree in Latvia and Baltic states
Dzenisi willow Salix alba 8,70 (at 0,5 m height) 23,6 Largest white willow in Latvia
Sasmaka Idol lime Tilia cordata 8,05 25,0 Largest lime in Latvia
Jaunosi elm Ulmus laevis 7,75 22,0 Largest white elm in Latvia
Ciemitas elm Ulmus glabra 6,45 26 Largest Wych elm in Latvia
Jelgava poplar Populus x canadensis 6,20 28,5 One of the largest poplars in Latvia (introduced species)
Rutinas maple Acer platanoides 6,04 24,0 Largest maple in Latvia
Sprestini silver maple Acer saccharinum 5,50 20,5 Thickest silver maple in Latvia (introduced species)
Aizpute purple European beech Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea Latifolia' 4,72 16,0 Largest purple European beech in Latvia (introduced species)
Vilzeni larch Larix decidua 4,60 33,0 Largest European larch in Latvia (introduced species)
Rudbarzi black alder Alnus glutinosa 4,60 (at 1 m height) 14 Thickest black alder in Latvia
Ivande silver fir Abies alba 4,48 38 Largest silver fir in Latvia (introduced species)
Tiltini pine Pinus sylvestris 4,35 24,0 Largest Scots pine in Latvia
Sausupji birch Betula pendula 4,30 23,0 Thickest European white birch in Latvia
Billites horse chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum 4,2 (at 0,4 m height) 13 Thickest common horse chestnut in Latvia (introduced species)
Ive spruce Picea abies 3,80 32,0 Largest Norway spruce in Latvia
Ciemgali crab apple Malus sylvestris 3,48 11,0 Largest crab apple in Latvia
Kanalmala gingko Ginkgo biloba 3,10 13,0 Thickest and oldest gingko in Latvia (introduced species)
Kandava wild pear Pyrus pyraster 2,95 12,5 Largest wild pear in Latvia
Balozi juniper Juniperus communis 2,80 9,3 Largest juniper in Latvia
Zentene yew Taxus baccata 2,52 (at the 0,5 m height) 12,5 Largest yew in Latvia
Rucava bird cherry Padus avium 2,50 11,5 Largest bird cherry in Latvia
Liellauki Swedish whitebeam Sorbus intermedia 2,36 (at 0,8 m height) 10,0 Largest Swedish whitebeam in Latvia
Spinduli rowan Sorbus aucuparia 1,50 22,0 Largest known rowan in Latvia
Sauta Hill Long spruce Picea abies 3,04 45,3 Highest measured tree in Latvia
Karkli pine Pinus sylvestris 3,40 29,0 Oldest dated tree in Latvia - 450 years old

Noble tree exploration

Latvian Nature Heritage Fund over the last years has implemented several projects aiming at exploration of noble trees in several districts of Latvia. Here you can get short overview of the results of the work (in Latvian):

List of noble trees in Limbazi district


Western part

Central part

North-eastern part

South-eastern part

Criterions of noble trees according to Latvian law

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