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Lost Latvian nature monuments in pictures

Kalnaziedi Sacrifice oak Veseta waterfall Kizeni Sacred oak Kuhva cliffs Adamova precipice Grube waterfall Olinkalns Riteri waterfall Staburags Perse waterfall Tuteri oak Burtnieks cliff Kannenieki pine Zauskas pine Simaneni oak Vinterala cave Klintssala Sigulda Sacred oak Pazeme cave Carnikava parabolic dune Kegums cliffs Melnmuguras pine Bajari maple Elm of Peter the Ist Olaine pine-spruce Bertrums spring Kalnieki pine Morics oak Ash-trees in Vicezi Valgale birch tree Pedvale lime Rednieki oak Remte Rack pine Riežupes rumba Rude lime

Time ir cruel towards nature monuments too. The things seen by contemporary tourist would be considered by our children to be the part of the exotics of past, which is gone forever.

This part of our Internet site contains unique images - You gave got an opportunity to look at nature monuments which don't exist anymore or have been changed very much. Some monuments have been lost due to natural circumstances - most often noble trees. But too often nature monuments are lost due to conscious actions of human.

A. Borozovs. Daugava near Plavinas. 1882.
Nowadays those cliffs are covered by the enormous lake of Plavinas hydropowerplant.

The most painful loss for Latvians was the loss of Staburags - unique, unusual monument at the bank of Daugava. It was flooded by Plavinas hydropowerplant in 1967 - 1968. Staburags was unusual 18,5 m high cliff shaped and formed by lime rich springs, which still were falling over this cliff as 18,5 m high waterfall. Staburags and its close vicinities were also a habitat for many rare plants including relicts of postglacial time.


Adamova precipice

Bajari maple

Bertrums spring

Burtnieks cliffs

Carnikava parabolic dune

Elm of Peter the Ist

Kalnaziedi Sacrifice oak

Kalnieki pine

Kannenieki pine


Kuhva cliffs

Kegums cliffs

Kizeni Sacred oak

Melnmuguras pine

Morics oak

Olaine pine-spruce


Pazeme cave

Pedvale lime

Perse waterfall

Rednieki oak

Remte Rack pine

Riezupe waterfall

Riteri waterfall

Rude lime

Sigulda Sacred oak

Simaneni oak


Tuteri oak

Vaidava waterfall

Valgale birch

Veseta waterfall

Vicezi ash-trees

Vinterala cave

Zauskas pine

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